Thursday, August 14, 2003

ive moved 2 a new blog. i cant decide whether 2 inform only sum pple coz lotz of pple juz come n cause trouble. newaez, i wont be blogging here nemore. this is mi last post. i might only inform those hu r decidedly civil n normal as opposed 2 those peepz hu act as if ive no feelings.

understand y i hate u pple now ? itz becuz of tt. precisely becuz of tt.

juz becuz u all see me as entertainment doesnt mean u actually haf 2 sae it lyk tt. n i really hate e wae u all try 2 hurt me.

fuck off, fucking bastards n bitches. i certainly would not let u insult me any further, ttz y im moving.
(2 sae tt im saeing this 2 e whole gep wld b wrong, thnx 2 xewyne hu taught me this. only abt gee, 90% of e gep r lyk this)


Monday, August 11, 2003

fuck. 2daes mundae. a mundane dae. (k, lame joke)

fuck. y cant e govt give us 2dae off. fuck, we dun even haf a proper holidae on a weekdae. fuck. haf 2 go back 2 skool 2dae. ugh.

blah. nothing much happened 2dae lorz.

gtg 4 dinner. ill think abt getting a guestbk.

Saturday, August 09, 2003

i went 2 c ndp wif mi family 2 make up 4 mi lack of patrioticsm. (yes yes lousy grammar) boring. it was crappy lyk shit. oh well.

newaez, 2 answer e taggies. i guess sum of e taggies got pushed out, so... *shrugs*

sighz. more misunderstandingz. i certainly did not post tt thingy abt me sucking wateva, k? 2 prevent such peepz framing me in future, i shall not post on mi own tagboard. wateva bastard/bitch did tt, fuck u.

nicole : u poser. again after hippiebean tagged, u again try 2 follow her ideas. can u please get ur own mind n ur own ideas n stop following e crowd? itz sickening.

xewyne : lyk i said, there r different kinds of gepers, k? so im not necessarily saying tt ALL gepers r lyk tt. im juz saeing abt gepers lyk nicole. i hope u r not lyk her.

gepper : tt is precisely y i dun reveal mi real name. huz so stupid? come on, y wld i want all e gepers trying 2 'hunt me down'? use ur brain, asshole!

joanne : k, k, ttz juz mi reading into it. maybe i read a LITTLE more than i shld into it. sry. ^_^ any1 huz around 2 chase nicole down, i am friendly 2. (again, bad grammar)

paniel n ker~ : same old, same old comments. i dun care if u think im a blardy bitch. itz ur own comment abt me. so frankly, i dun give a damn. ive had this comment from so many others.

sara : k, k. *rolls iballs*

god, sum pple realli piss e hell out of me (i guess they wld b pleased) but sum r quite reasonable. those tt piss e hell out of me r usually peepz lyk nicole hu really haf 2 follow e crowd. god. sumtimes, juz seeing mi tagboard pisses e hell out of me. fiiine.

paniel is e only gep guy hu tagged so i cant really judge gep guys. besides, i din insult e whole spore gep. i only started wif e nygh 113 gepers. god.

(tho im not christian, but i juz felt lyk saeing it)

Friday, August 08, 2003

haha. i skipped e stupid national dae thing 2dae. yes, yes, im not patriotic but do i care ? NO ! i get extra sleep instead of getting up @ 6 in e morning, juz 2 go 2 skool n sing song.

so 2dae is a holidae 4 moi. :D

went 2 orchard rd 2dae after i woke up @ 11.30. :D i went wif nathan n jazzie. yay jazzie ! *waves*

newaez, nothing much happened lorz.

now i shall answer e taggies on mi tagboard. both wu liao n...meaningful ?

joanne : i think u r lyk nicole. u think this blog is fake. wateva. i dun mind if every1 goez awae. so i can b in peace. n i can rant in mi blog too. :D obviously u r so... gee, i cant describe it but i noe itz bad. (veeeeeri helpful)

4 poot2, sara, n eug : maybe hez juz tt kind of person hu gets sick a lot...

xxxxx : um, interesting... but i dun get wat u r trying 2 sae. u seem 2 tok a lot... nvm. lol.

yay. finished answering taggies.

u noe, i realli cant stand peepz lyk joanne n nicole. they think tt they r alwayz rite n try 2 stifle other pplez creativity. i realli dun noe, but i really cant stand them. e description above is all i can sae. i cant really describe e feeling.

wait...i can. i get it now. n i feel kind of insulted. wat joannes trying 2 sae is tt im flaming e gepers 2 draw attention 2 mi blog. im sorry NIC n JO, but i created e blog AFTER i flamed e gepers. n i wld lyk 2 sae tt gepers muz b veri superficial if tt is e truth.

im sorry if u think tt way, but honestly itz not lyk tt. i wldnt mind u peepz not coming lorz.

but tt superficiality (grammar ?) is kind of sad lorz. it juz shows tt e gep is superficial... (lousy vocab)

im sorry 4 this comment but this is e way i feel n i shld b honest lorz.


Thursday, August 07, 2003

this is a diff post. itz abt me. if u came around juz 2 see mi rants abt e gep, u can go away after reading this sentence. thank u.

newaez, yesterdae i din come online cuz i went 2 peggys bdae party. yay. :)

all mi ex-classmates. yeah peepz, 6D rulez !!! :D

i saw dan n mich. but ratz, joan wasnt there !!! :(

newaez, peggy cut her hair. her hair tt was all e way 2 her waist. itz a shame. her hair was really pretty. all glossy n black.

oh well. itz her decision. but she cut it boy-style, n she really does look lyk a boy. wif makeup. kind of lyk a gay. (sorry peggs if u r reading this.) but u r a female ! :D

i gave her mi prez, this kyute stuffed white rabbit wif floppy pink ears. theres a label on it tt claims tt e rabbit iz called peggy. tts y i gave it 2 her.

so we juz partied til abt 9 sumthing then we went home. i reached home abt 10 sumthing n juz fell asleep. luckily i did mi hw b4 going 2 peggs' bdae.

happy bdae, peggs !

2dae was weird. i din see adrian even when i waited outside e staffroom juz 2 get a glimpse of him. 113ers, pls tell me if hes sick. i havent seen him yesterdae either.

newaez, i got gd marks 4 mi lit test. :D so happy. makes up 4 tt horrible bio test.

yay. im veri happy. i juz watched holland v. too bad xiaoxin MIGHT regain his memory as richard. richard. eeh. i prefer xiaoxin.

but seriously lorz, si ting is juz so...weird. she veri wu qing, so mean 2 her mom.
nicole, fuck u. i seriously hope u r not a geper, coz tt wld make mi impression of gep peepz worse n worse. not as if i dun already haf a bad impression of them.

there r different kinds of gepers. sum r juz pple hu wont listen 2 any1 tt insults them, n insults them back instead. but there r sum hu really try 2 make peace, n try 2 understand e person hu insulted them.

n i haf met few of them. isnt tt sad. pple lyk eug n renovak.

wat makes u think im not real ? im as real as u. so maybe i dun lyk revealing mi true identity coz tt way every1 will try 2 hunt me down n kill me. ha ha. x_x

n u r a fucking poser bitch. u r juz following every1 else hu flames me, but u r fucking worse. y ? becuz u carry it 2 e extreme so tt pple will think tt u r cool n follow u as a leader.

fuck u.

n blabber n poot, yeah, i find ur insults...funny. i mean, lyk, sum of them r so obvious lorz. wat ? mi fave thing is e toilet bowl ? see y itz so stupid. but ok, i give u credit 4 them.

n u muz b kind of despo 2 want peepz 2 see ur blog. esp pple lyk me hu insulted e gep. naturally u r from e gep. ha.

well, i muz at least sae 1 gd thing 4 u. n tt is tt u r not lyk e fucking fat bitch sarah l, aka mirai SWIMMING trunx. or ELEPHANT trunx. suit urself.

shez a fucking loser.

oh, n kei ? i presume u r male coz kei's a guy name. n u sure act lyk a guy. if u r from gep, i assume u r from chinese high lorz. besides, i dun really noe any gepers. yeah.

conclusion of this rant : fuck u, nicole.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

agh. im gone 1 dae n so many peepz come 2 mi blog n post wu liao comments on mi tagboard. not only e wu liao comments but also e usual gepers rage back comments.

wah liaoz.

plenty of newcomers i see. yoz nat n mirai swimming trunx, hu wantz 2 see ur lousy blogs ? if u r so despo 4 SUM1 2 c ur blog, make sure itz good enuff 2 c. n mirai swimming trunx, judging fm e wae u tok, u r most lykly a fat ass of a gal hu every1 hates n pities. ur name even fits u. sarah l. n really i dun watch dragonball z cuz itz a fucking stupid show.

i watch gensomaden saiyuki n son goku iz where i got mi nick from. u muz b really despo if u lyk a show lyk dragonball z lorz.

FaT @SS ! (otherwise noen as sarah l)

fuck u man. if u want 2 promote ur blog, let me give u a tip. dun go around saeing 'u dun noe mi blog'. esp if no 1 lyks u n really cant b bothered 2 actually ask u ur blog url. becuz u sound freaking despo.

tt rant only goez 2 miraaaaai swimming trunx becuz u haf a stupid nick. fuck u.

yoz yoz. any1 noe watz bittercandy ? arrakkon toks a lot abt it. soundz lyk she has a crush on shinta. lolz.

enuff abt u peepz.

2dae was ok also lorz. failed mi bio test but i dun care. eeh. i hate bio aniwaez. i prefer chem n physicz lorz.

went 2 northpoint 2dae wif rachel, cuz itz near our houses lorz. i bought a new sweet valley book. e senior high last 1, e sweet 18 1. i oso bought a new tee. itz veri nice. itz a nice nice purple wif this cute cartoon char on it, cap sleeved and bares mi midriff. not bad.

rachel said shez on a new man hua series. yay. so kewl. she bought it from comix connection n is called power 100% huo li. she saez angela recommended it. veri nice meh ? i dun noe. the chars look so dumb. esp e boy. blue n black hair ? ugly lyk shit.

e drawing is really horrible lorz. but rachel lyks it. she saez e drawing is ok. omg. rachel has gone braindead.

i mean, puh leaze. alice 19th drawing is so much better lorz. more shapely n the chars dun look retarded.

sheesh. this power 100% huo li thing lyk is SOOO sucky. e story oso not v.good. alice 19th still rox.

hah. no wonder chuang yi never translate power 100% huo li. cuz itz so fucking stupid. ha.

Monday, August 04, 2003

wow. peace @ last. now i can type this in peace without pple bugging me.

*sighs* wat can b more perfect ? peace, a nice cup of kopi next to me, n oh yah, david (my bro) finally bought me e man hua he promised. yay.

man. ive been wanting alice 19th 7 4 2 mths now... so happy, happy, happy.

xiao ye rawks. so does a fei. all so hunkay.

u may b thinking : wah lau, this gal cant even spend 5 bux ? no, mi fren, itz juz becuz SUM1 *glares @ anna* promized 2 buy me e man hua lorz. then broke her promise. pi ah.

i shall abstain from mentioning e gepers in this post. oops. juz mentioned them. heck lah.

i 4got. joanne told me on msn tt shawn n mandy haf officailly broken up. lol. didnt i hear this b4 ? sheesh.

old news, mi fren joanne.

2dae anna didnt turn up on msn. strange.

maaaaan. 2mr got cca. life sux man. i hate mi cca. i shld haf chosen wushu or sumthing, maybe comp. club even.

im bored lyk shit.

oh n fuzzy (i think so) finally updated her harry/draco slash fic. yay.
oops. i juz 4got 2 republish. heck, im so new 2 this blogging thing. lolx.
gtg. going 2 watch holland v.
oh. e fucking tagboard is not working. fuck.
aha. i haf added a tagboard. see gep galz ? im not afraid of ur comments !

newaez, 2dae was ok. e teacher ended up not coming 2dae. im so happy ! *dances*

n lyk lol, 2dae i haf no hw ! cheer !

anna told me on msn abt shawn n mandy AGAIN. e thingy abt shawn asking mandy 2 b his galfren was true, but now they r breaking up ! sheesh. n lol. then anna said tt shawn had a crush on moi ! O_o

lyk, ok, shawn is really handsome lorz. i used to haf a crush on him last time. but now... i dono. itz lyk e attraction b4 was gone. maybe itz becuz of mi new crush on adrian chan.

oh yeah. e gep galz.

y i dun lyk them is not juz becuz they think they r so great lorz. it oso is becuz they dun appreciate adrian. but now i haf another reason y i dun lyk them.

itz becuz they always act so... i dun noe, lyk all sarcastic n ALL SO KEWL.

lyk tt. then if any1 saez sumthing bad abt them, they will throughly analyze wat u said abt them n they will go lyk 'no hu saez we r lyk tt' or 'ur grammar n spelling is atrocius'.

exactly. they act so KEWL.

lyk they r so high class lorz. i mean, wats wrong wif l33t ? i mean, plenty of pple tok lyk tt, n i bet they havent flamed them yet. so they r only pious against me cuz i insulted them.

let me juz sae this : any1 hu flames a geper sure will get flamed back 1ce they get plenty of their cronies around lorz.

i mean, juz look at shira hime. i tag at her tagboard, nothing offensive wat, juz sum comments abt arrakkon. then wow, arrakkon comes along n starts flaming me. then sh n eug start. then xue starts.

see ? they all need their lil pals. lyk they cant handle a 1-on-1. itz then tt they start getting tuff n going 'come 2 our class lah, so u can see whoz gwen, etc.'

i mean, of cuz i wldnt do it. hus so stupid rite ? then they sae im cowardly. sheesh. fucking bitches.

n another thing, vocab-so-good gep bitches, 4 me, saying 'fuck' has e effect of releasing pent up anger. u blive or not itz ur prob, ok ?


n im really serious abt adrian. i really luv him. it isnt hormonal or puppy luv. i juz luv e way he orders pple around n his sarcastic manner. u wont noe cuz u dont observe him. inside tt sarcastic manner is juz a sensitive soul.

n it helps tt he is a drop-dead gorgeous hunk lorz.

gokuxadrian 4eva !

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